Our journey starts back in 2009 when first introduced to CrossFit. We have embraced the methodology since and invested our time in training and learning about CrossFit! We trained as a closed community with limited equipment in a relatively small space in Prishtina’s Youth Center. Since then we have evolved from a small group of people into a CrossFit community!

As we became witnesses of amazing life transformations, we decided to share CrossFit with others. In October 2017 we became the 1st CrossFit Affiliate in Kosovo. We are ideally located in Prishtina with a walking distance from the City Center. Our Urban Style Facility is outfitted with eco-friendly materials and equipped with standardized equipment.

We are proud to have such a diverse community including members from the military, police officers, doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers, professional athletes, students and more.

In Crossfit Prishtina we strive to make people mentally and physically strong, encourage them to unlock their potential and inspire positive change. Our well-knowledged team is united by passion and dedication to helping our members improve their fitness in a safe and supportive environment.

We feel privileged to be the 1st Affiliate in Kosovo to share CrossFit with you.

So are you ready?