Coach Diego

CFL1 Trainer (2017)
Physical Trainer (2016)

From Belgium
Speaks: French, Spanish and English

Diego has been passionate about athletics since very young. He has been doing 10 years of judo, 9 years of tennis, played basketball, football, fence and hockey making him a well-rounded athlete.

All this experience has been a remarkable journey in his life, but however he still felt like there was still something missing until he found CrossFit 4 years ago.

Once he discovered CrossFit he fell immediately in love with it.

Since then he visited and trained in many CrossFit boxes across Europe supplementing his knowledge and experience! Diego is a great CrossFit Coach and Personal Trainer.

“Crossfit is more than just a sport. It is a community and a lifestyle because you manage to create a firm friendship with people who love to help each other. The bond that you create with people in CrossFit will last during your entire life”

One thing Diego wants you to keep in mind is

A healthy lifestyle should be consisted of:

40 % of balanced and healthy diet
30 % of varied sport
30 % of recovery