Leart Tërmkolli

Leart Tërmkolli

Head Coach

Trainer (2017)
Head Coach at CrossFit Prishtina
Personal Trainer (2016)

From Kosovo
Speaks: Albanian and English

Leart is our Head Coach at CrossFit Prishtina. He is a strong advocate of functional training and good health. He has always been involved in sports but focused in Martial Arts especially with Isshin-Ryū Karate as he grew older. His experience as a Senpai (Coach Assistant) rewarded him with coaching and team-working skills. Living as a student in London he had the opportunity to visit and train in numerous CrossFit Boxes around the UK and Europe. After a few years into CrossFit, he wanted to share its benefits with others. In March 2017 he became the very first CrossFit Licensed Trainer in Kosovo and later that year he became the owner of the 1st CrossFit Affiliate in Kosovo, CrossFit Prishtina!

He dedicates his time and energy to help and encourage others to live well and maximize their potential!

“The mental and physical toughness fostered in CrossFit, will make you better at Life”